Halloween 2010

2010.10.31 024.halloween

Colt had a great Halloween - his 2nd but the first he could really take part in. We started the afternoon by getting in costume and playing in the front yard, then it was off to church for the Fall Festival. They had lots of rides, including a Bouncy House just for the little ones. Colt LOVED playing in the bouncy house - he can''t wait to get a little bigger when he can really jump up and down in there like the bigger kids do.

After the festival, it was time for some Trick Or Treating! Colt thought it would be a good idea to hit up his Nana for some candy. Colt didn''t get to eat quite as much candy as his dad, but he had a few licks of a lollipop that he really enjoyed.

Click the pic above to see all the pics - we managed to snap a few shots of him before he ripped his hat off.

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