Colt's Christmas Party

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Last week Colt''s daycare class had a Christmas party. I personally found out about this party the day before (apparently there was a note sent home that never actually made it to Mom). Anyway, I as in charge of bringing fruit cups and also buying/wrapping a book to swap with a friend.

The party was at 2:30, right after the kids woke up from their nap. After the parents all arrived, the teachers (Kimberly and Page who we just LOVE) pulled out the kids table to the middle of the room and started fixing everyone a plate of snacks. As the teachers pulled the table out all of the kids went to the corner and grabbed their chairs. They pulled their chairs right up to the table like they had been doing it forever. This was quite impressive to all the parents. Even more impressive was that they all sat around the table and ate, in a very civil manner. No screaming, no throwing food, no trying to escape. I was in shock. They had juice boxes, home made bread, cookies, fruit cups, and cheese squares.

After finishing, Colt took his plate, threw it in the garbage and proceeded to put his chair away. Who''s child is this???????? Following snack time, they had their book swap. The teachers sat all of the books on the floor in hopes that each child would grab one and unwrap it. Colt immediately went for his own book, and threw a fit when we told him he had to give it to a friend and unwrap a different book. After a slight melt-down, he opened a really fun Christmas book from his pal Miller. The book was all about a Christmas tree and the ornaments/lights on the tree light up and play music.

After the book swap the teachers had a gift for each child. We opened up the bags and they had gotten everyone MATCHING snowman shirts with their names on them! They were the cutest shirts in the world and they all looked so great together in their new shirts. The teachers had also taken a class picture prior to the party and included the picture in a frame they had painted.

Overall, the party was a hit, Colt had a good time and parents were impressed at how well behaved they were for Ms. Kimberly and Ms. Page. Click above to see pictures from the party.

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