Christmas In Memphis

2010.12.26 042.christmasinmemphis

The day after Christmas we packed up the Tahoe and headed to Memphis. Upon leaving the house Colt and I realized very quickly how icy/snowy it was and became a tad concerned about driving conditions. I honestly can''t believe the interstates were not shut down. Anyway, a few hours later we all landed in Memphis and had a fabulous lunch cooked by Bev and a visit from Grandma Kelley (aka - Great Grandma Kelley for Colt). Grandma kept us all entertained, as she was very intrigued by Colt and as to why everyone was giving her presents when "she hadn''t done a thing".

The highlight of the trip were the home-made cards Dad had made to enclose our Christmas gifts. They were hilarious, as always. I will try to take a picture of mine and post it......lets just say it included a picture of my Dad and Colt in a bar, both wearing gradation caps and a caption that read "Colt, let me tell you about College." Colt also got some really fun books, including one (The Night Before Christmas) read and recorded by my Dad which I thought was really cool. We had a great visit. Click above for a glimpse into our trip!!

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