Easter 2011

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Although a little late in posting pictures, we had a blast on Easter this year. We started off the morning with our 2nd annual family photo on our front steps. This proved to be a challenge when we suddenly realized our brand new camera did not have remote capabilities like our old one. We decided right then and there that we are going to be selling our new camera and once again upgrading. Anyway, we managed to get 1 decent family picture by Stan pressing the shutter button then running into the picture (old school style).

Church was good, as always, but none of us had a special "Easter outfit" this year. We all managed to pull something together that morning that looked fairly decent.

After church we stopped at the neighbors house who had 2 bunnies out front. As you can tell from the pictures.....Colt was absolutely mesmerized by these things. He wanted to hold the boy bunnies hand and kept giving him kisses and hugs....it was hilarious. He didn''t care one thing about that girl bunny but that boy almost had to come home with us.

After the quick pit-stop we headed to my moms house for lunch. We all brought a dish and lunch turned out amazing. After lunch, we realized that the Easter Bunny had come to Nana''s house!! Colt found a big basket of goodies including a slinky, some egg shaped chalk, and his favorite of course, CHOCOLATE!

Nana was all ready to dye eggs so we nervously moved outdoors and stripped down to our skivvies. Colt did FANTASTIC dyeing the eggs.......he dipped them in the colors and even lifted them out of the bowls to the next bowl with a spoon. He was all about mixing some colors and was not sure who was more proud of his eggs, Colt or Nana!

As we finished with the eggs, Lee went and hid Easter eggs filled with candy in the front yard. He did a great job "hiding" them under leaves and covering them with sticks. Colt loved filling his basket with the eggs, and the sticks, and the pine cones, and the leaves and then dumping the whole basket on his head.

I wish we could share every single picture from the day on the website because it is hilarious to see the progression of Colt with the neighbors bunnies, then the entire egg dyeing process, then the egg hunt. We all had a blast, thanks to my mom for making it such a fun day for everyone!

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