Christmas 2011, Part I

2011.12.17 015.christmaspart1

Christmas came a little early this year, as the gang from Memphis drove over the weekend of the 17th. Dad was away Friday night on a camping trip, but was able to join up with everyone midday Saturday, just in time to help relocate a SWING SET from the neighbor's yard to ours. It was an awesome "gift" for Colt - unfortunately it's been cold and rainy a good bit over the holidays, but he's had a blast when he's been able to play on it. He's especially enjoying the brand new look of it after Dad pressure-washed it. It made an unbelievable difference! Thanks guys!

Colt's also been enjoying watching movies on his new DVD player - Lion King and Kermit's Swamp Years are 2 of his favorites. Dad's been enjoying some great lights for his dimly lit garage, and has already taken advantage of them to help finish some projects. But the gift that stole the day was Lee's new Auburn shirt. It still cracks me up.

Click the pic above to see Part I of our Christmas pictures - I'll add another set in the next day or two.

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