Christmas Eve 2012

2012.12.24 005.christmaseve

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, Colt was still stirring, opening the traditional 1 gift on Christmas Eve. It was the "pirate version" of The Night Before Christmas....after a quick read, Colt nestled snug in his bed, with the hopes of Santa arriving dancing in his head.

When Santa arrived, Colt slept through the noise and the clatter, as Santa assembled his gifts, scratching his head wondering what was the matter. So many pieces that did not fit, and gifts that Santa bought long ago that he forgot where he put. He finally got the toys assembled and placed with care, then ate the cookies that Colt left for him there. With his work done it was time to say goodnight, Colt would awake soon to see what Santa had left!

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Category: Holidays
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