Christmas 2012


Santa's long anticipated visit was finally here.  Colt awoke Christmas morning and came in our bedroom, as he does most mornings.  Kiddingly, I asked if he wanted to hop in bed and watch cartoons.  He replied, "Yes!".  A bit puzzled, we asked Colt if he knew what day it was.  He paused, and said "Mmmm, I don't know, Friday?".

After we had a quick chuckle, we reminded him Santa just may have paid him a visit.  This was the scene that followed:

Once we had time to discover what gifts Santa had brought, we welcomed Susan's parents, Lee, his friend Katy, and my dad over for Christmas lunch, which was followed by another round of gift-giving.  It was a wonderful Christmas Day shared with great friends and great family.

Click the pic above to view our Christmas Day pics! 

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