Christmas Eve 2009


WOW, we had a fantastic first Christmas with Colt. Christmas Eve we went to Bluff Park Methodist for a beautiful service then went back to mom''s house for dinner and gifts. Colt got several fun toys including a lion that you can push or ride on. After moms we went back home and enjoyed a Christmas movie under my new Slanket and then put Colt to bed while Stan and I played Santa for the first time! Christmas morning Colt LOVED his new exersaucer!! Everyone came over about 11am and we got ready for some good eatin''. Om the menu was turkey and dressing, deviled eggs, pineapple casserole, corn and green bean casserole, macaroni casserole and sweet potato casserole. Following dinner came some good ol'' fashion family fun when we played Rock Band for hours!!! Laura is quite the drummer, Stan is a natural guitar player and Lee on vocals couldn''t be stopped. We all had a great time, especially Colt who was the center of attention all day. Video to come soon but for now check out some of our pictures from the last several days. CLICK HERE for pictures.

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