Easter 2010

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Colt''s first Easter was a blast! We were blessed with a beautiful day, which we started by attending church at Oak Mountain Presbyterian. It was Colt''s first time to be in the nursery - we''ve been other times but always kept him with us in the sanctuary. We figured he was old enough - and us comfortable enough - to leave him in the nursery.

At Oak Mountain, they give you a buzzer, like the kind you get at a restaurant when you''re waiting for a table. This lets them buzz you if there''s a problem or you''re needed for some reason in the nursery. I think we got about 10 minutes into the service before ours went off. We both walked down to the nursery to find Colt red-faced and screaming. He didn''t take too kindly to being left with a bunch of strange ladies. We stayed in the nursery for a few minutes and were able to calm him down enough for us to go back to the service. He did OK the rest of the time but was ready to go when we got there to pick him up.

After lunch it was back to our house for a few family pics and a change of clothes before heading to ''Nana''s for an Easter cookout. We had lots of fun opening Colt''s Easter basket and blowing bubbles out on the deck.

Colt seemed to really enjoy his first Easter, other than the nursey experience of course. He was so tuckered out at the end of the day, he fell asleep right in his high chair in between bites of carrots. It was one of those hilarious moments.

Click the pic above to see our pics.

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