Father''s Day 2010

2010.06.20 001.zootrip

For my first Father''s Day (which is awesome by the way), we took a family outing to the Birmingham Zoo. We weren''t sure how interested Colt would be in the animals....and for the most part it was hit or miss. He LOVED all the animals that made noise, especially the ones he could get up close and personal with. He liked the monkeys, but really loved the birds, the flamingos in particular. The flamingo''s were enclosed in a waist-high fence and there were dozens of them, so he really got to see them up close, which he liked.

Some animals not ranking high on his list: alligators, lions, tigers, zebras; pretty much anything that was sleeping and indifferent to Colt, he returned the favor.

We had a great time and it was a great first Father''s Day. We''re also now card-carrying members of the Zoo, so look forward to lots of zoo pics as the summer goes on. For now, enjoy the ones we took on Sunday. Click the pic above to see them!

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