The Fourth of July 2010

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What a great 4th we had! We kicked off the day with a trip to the Birmingham Zoo, where we''re now card carrying members. This time we spent some time in the petting zoo of the children''s area, introducing Colt to sheep, goats, pigs, and other farm animals. Colt loves interacting with the animals - and just like most people do, the animals see Colt and want to meet him!

The highlight of today''s trip was feeding the lorikeets. While Susan thought she may have walked into a remake of Hitchcock''s "The Birds", Colt got a kick out of seeing all the lorikeets land (and urinate) on Mommy. His favorite so far is still the flamingos, where once again he got up close and personal. They swarmed over to the fence where he was standing - and thanks to Mommy Colt avoided having his fingers nibbled on!

After the zoo, it was off to Montgomery, where we met up with Aunt Susan for some Dreamland BBQ and a Biscuits game. The game was so crowded, we could only get lawn seats, with just a partial view of the field. It was still enough to see our Birmingham Barons rout the home team.

After the game, it was time for Colt''s first fireworks show. He was focused in on the fireworks, and while we''re not sure how much he actually enjoyed them - he watched intently but was clutching Mommy the entire time - he was at the least very interested in them. All in all a great day.

Looking back at last year, Susan and I spent the 4th in 2009 watching the Boston Red Sox play at historic Fenway Park. While that was a great experience, I''ll take the Biscuits vs. Barons at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery with my son any day over the Sox vs. Yankees in Fenway without him. Colt''s just cool like that.


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