Hanging With Grandmommy

2010.09.19 006.hangingwithgrandmommy

We're still here! Sorry for the lack of updates. With a party planning, Auburn football, busy work schedules, and a sick dog, things have been unusually hectic. We''re back to more of a normal pace this weekend - well, we''re in town at least. Colt & Dad will have the house to themselves on Friday night, then Saturday Colt goes to his first birthday party! His friend Parker is turning 1 year old and Colt got an invite. On Sunday, Colt will be hanging with Dad again and I''m sure they''ll come up with something fun to do.

Thanks to all our babysitters over the past few weeks. We couldn''t have gone to the Auburn games without ya! The picture above is of Colt feeding the ducks with Grandmommy last weekend. Click the pic to see the rest.

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