Colt's 2nd Birthday Party

2011.10.08 256.colts2ndbday

Colt's 2nd birthday party was at the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in Clanton this year. Party was a HUGE success. I will let the pictures tell most of the story but he had an absolute blast. Good food, good family, good friends, good weather, great 2nd birthday. Everyone really enjoyed riding the wagon to the pumpkin patch and picking a pumpkin. Colt went through several before he found his perfect pumpkin. For some reason he loved to sit on the pumpkins and I have about 25 pictures of him sitting on different pumpkins. While waiting on the wagon back, the kids also really enjoyed the hay barn where they got to jump from haybale to haybale. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a group picture of all of them together but we had fun trying. When we returned to the pavilion, everyone got to decorate their own pumpkin. I got these cute little "Mr. Potato Head" style decorations that were a hit and much much cleaner than actual carving!

Stay tuned for Colt's 2 year update (I know I am a little behind people, don't judge.)

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