Colt's Big Boy Room

2012.02.22 007.coltsbigboyroom

Colt is now officially in his "big boy" room. Thanks to Mom, it's totally awesome. We all know how Colt feels about baseball, so Mom created a life-size scoreboard to go above his bed. We kept his new furniture in the guest bedroom for a week or so until everything was ready, and he just kept getting more and more excited. He's been in his new bed for a few weeks now, and it's been a big success. Of course, Teddy Bear, Bert, Cowboy Woody, and Aubie have all made the journey to the new bed, but everyone seems to love it! Colt still sleeps through the night and hasn't really figured out yet he can get out of bed anytime he pleases! (Don't tell him!) Click the pic to see Colt enjoying his new room!

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