Colt turns 3!

2012.10.07 018a.colt3rdbday

Colt officially turned 3 yesterday (October 9th) but we had our big celebration on Sunday. Colt is currently OBSESSED with all things super-hero (stay tuned for his official 3 year update) so of course we had a super-hero themed birthday party this year. From the day put the invitations in the mail, Colt would daily ask me "Is today my birthday party?" or "mom, are we going to my birthday party today?". Needless to say, he was very excited about his party. We had to ban the "P" (party) and "B" (birthday) words in our house for a few weeks between Stan and I to avoid confusion/fits/tears with Colt

The kids arrived and each got their own personalized cape, they were a big hit. Mom tried to go slightly simpler with the party decor/food this year so she had "catwoman claws" (aka Bugles), "penguin cookies" (aka oreos), and "kryptonite pops" (aka marshmallows on a stick rolled in Pop Rocks). Another big hit were the super hero cuffs (aka slap bracelets) and masks that the kids got to decorate. Miller probably had 30 on at one time.

The most fun part of the party was when Colt got to open his gifts. It was complete and total CHAOS. He could not get into each bag/box fast enough and wanted to find whoever gave him the gift and show it to them. Everything got all mixed up and I honestly thought I was going to have to write very generic thank you notes to everyone. "Dear X, Thank you for the gift. We love it. Love, Colt"

He got all kinds of AWESOME toys and has already played with EVERY SINGLE ONE. You should see his bedroom that he and Stan set up and play in every single night. They have their own batcave and gotham city built with every character you can imagine. They go on expeditions and rescue missions around his room being sure to include all his toys.

Thanks to EVERYONE who made his birthday so special. I can't belive he is 3. It has been the most challenging, fun, rewarding, amazing 3 years of my life and I absolutly can't imagine my world without him in it. He is a perfect blend of both Stan & I - funny, stubborn, smart, strong willed, caring, creative, imaginitive, high energy, easy-going & sweet. I'll let you decide what traits he got from who! :) Stay tuned for his official 3 year update.

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