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2013.03.09 001.teamthunder

As we pulled Colt's soccer jersey out of its wrapper, we knew the Soccer Gods were at work when we saw that #6 on his back. Dad sported the #6 jersey for 15 years playing soccer for the Montgomery Silver Streaks. Now the baton is passed as Colt opened up his soccer career Saturday as his "Thursday Thunder" team faced off against the Bears in the season opener. 

Colt is the youngest on the team, joining a group of 4/5 year olds that played together last year. His first game started off in a hurry - and he nearly scored a goal in the opening minute of play. He dribbled it almost into the goal, but a teammate kicked it in for him. His team won handily ~ I wasn't really keeping score but it was maybe 6-2, with 2 own goals. They seemed to lose track of which goal they were supposed to be scoring on!

Though at times the excitement of picking his nose seemed to take priority over game play, I was proud of Colt's game play. He did a great job and he really enjoyed playing. Next weekend I'll be stepping in as interim coach, as Coach Rich has a conflict and won't be able to attend. Hopefully we'll be able to keep the winning going!

Click the pic above to see the pics of Colt's first soccer game!

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