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After a bit of a letdown in Game 2, some deals were made and incentives were in effect for Game 3. Coach Rich was back in control for Game 3, and Colt and I worked all week on two objectives for Game 3: 1) Keep after ball (i.e., TRY) and 2) If you get bored, sub out. As a soccer aficianado, I have to remind myself that he's 3 and cares far less about the games than Dad does! I want him to keep improving, but I want to keep the game fun for him. So with those 2 goals in mind, we set the reward as a Toys'R'Us trip.

He responded with his best game of the season and was fully engaged in the game. He also scored his first career goal, earning a double-fist pump from Dad on the sideline. The only problem was, he had no idea he scored. There was a scramble in front of the goal, and he delivered a chip shot that went up in the air, over an opposing player, and into the net! Immediately after he kicked it, I think he thought he had lost position and did a face-palm (his newest response to when things don't go his way) and didn't even notice the ball went in the goal! 

For Game 4, Dad was filling in as Coach and we had a bit of regression. He seems to do way better with a non-Dad coach, but he's still doing awesome for his first year. I think we have a bit of a soccer star in the 3, he's playing with mostly bigger, faster players. I think skill-wise he's ahead of most on the field, so once he catches up size-wise, watch out!

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