Colt: 3 1/2 Year Update

Colt is 3-1/2.  He is VERY independent, funny, smart, the list could go on and on.  His update isn't a lot different from last but here goes:

Colt LOVES to talk and sing.  They have "show and tell" at school on Friday's and his teachers always tell me he loves to talk in front of his friends.  Last Friday apparently his show and tell was a 20 min explanation on how to transform his transformer from a car into a robot and back.   He loves to spell out words on signs, in books, on menus, etc. He knows how to spell several small words when asked: Mom, Dad, Colt, Red, Lala, Nana, etc. My personal favorite thing lately is that almost every time I tell Colt that I love him he replys "Thanks mom, your the best mom in the world!"

What he Loves:
Coloring/painting, playing games on his ipad (Stan gave him his old Ipad 1 and he thinks it is the most awesome thing ever) SUPERHEROES (loves to act out scenes with Dad), reading books, macaroni, grilled cheeses, riding in his Jeep, his "best buddy Red",  playing "I spy", playing soccer (really likes playing with dad and one-on-one, not so much playing in the games), beating you getting ready in the morning, stepping over cracks ("mom don't step on the cracks or you will get dead!"), weighing on the scale and tell you how big he is getting.  At night when he goes to bed he absolutly MUST have Red at the foot of his bed and have a superhero in one hand and a bad guy in the other (obviously so they can talk at night).

What he Hates:
Waking up in the mornings when he is still tired.

What he is Learning:
He can count pretty high, sometimes to 49 (has trouble figuring out what is after 49), sometimes higher.  He loves to ask Stan and I to count to 100. 

Weight - 35lbs
Height - 39"

He wears mostly 3T/4T clothes and size 10 shoe. He is going to be able to wear a lot of his 2T shorts from last summer too, yippie (especially since the shoes i bought him at Christmas already don't fit and he has worn out!)!  He is fairly average compared to his classmates.

Eye doctors checkups:
His next appointment is on Thursday 4/11.  He has been taking atropine eye drops for quite a while in his "good" eye.  It makes that eye very dilated looking.  He asks specifically for his glasses when he wakes up in the am, I know he can see MUCH better with them on.

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