A Tale of Two Colts

Saturday brought Game 7 of the Thunder's 8 game schedule.  Colt showed up ready to play and this day, I had the video camera on hand and got some great examples of the contrast in Colt's play.

Colt the Soccer Player showed up to play.  #5 on the orange team is 5 years old.  Colt is 3.  'Nuff said here.

Moments later, Colt the Goof-Off showed up.  He was back and forth between the two personas the rest of the game. 

So it's like I've been saying - the kid can play when he wants to.  It's a total Jeckyl & Hyde situation.  I think he's doing awesome for 3 and I think there's some great soccer-watching in the years to come. 

Side note: We're working on the Sadie pics.  Somehow the USB cable for our camera got stepped on, so I've got to go out tomorrow and get a new cable to download the pictures.  Should have them up tomorrow night!


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