Team Thunder, That's a Wrap

2013.05.08 025.thundervsbears

Colt played the final game of his inaugural soccer season on Wednesday, a rainout game to make up for the one we missed last Saturday. He saved his best effort for last. He played hard, did a GREAT job at keeping after the ball, and didn't have a single instance of goofing off or lying on the ground. He played so hard he got injured a couple times, but after a brief recovery period on the sidelines went back in each time. The "injuries" consisted of him being pushed down once and being hit in the stomach a couple times with the ball. He didn't score in this game but had several near misses. If it weren't for some unlucky bounces, he would have scored several goals. He did have a couple assists where he helped teammates score. 

After the game, we had the end of season party on the playground at the soccer field. Coach handed out medals to each player, something Colt is extremely proud of. He has worn it each day since, places it on his bedside table every night, and even took it to school for Show & Tell. I'm already looking forward to next season!

We are officially signed up for T-Ball, which begins the first week of June. It should be an exciting summer! Click the pic above for the final set of soccer pictures.

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