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It is begun. We've always heard stories about the time drain of the little league ball park. We weren't too worried about that when we signed him up for 3/4 yo T-Ball. We were wrong: 10 practices and 8 games over 5 weeks. We'll be at the ballpark between 2 and 3 nights every week. I'm starting to miss soccer!

Colt, however, is much more excited about the season. As you know, he's had a long love affair with baseball bats, and at long last can finally put that love to use. I'm not so sure though about his feelings for playing the field. He gets very annoyed when hitters don't hit the ball directly to him! It should be a fun season!

Click the pic above to see pictures from Colt's first practice and also check out the video below of Colt taking batting practice.

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