Colt Is Aquaman

2013.06.08 009.coltswimlessons

Colt, at 3, is already a better swimmer than Dad ever was. I think it's possible he is Aqua Man, or the next Michael Phelps. He can already swim the length of the pool and is fearless in the water. The latter is a little worrisome - so we have to keep a close eye on him. He doesn't hesitate to get in the pool by himself. Don't worry though - Mom or Dad is never far behind.

Colt just finished his second round of swim lessons with Miss Lynn, aka "The Swim Nazi". He took the course with a group of his buddies from his old school. They've all been tight since they were crawlers and it's great to see their friendship continuing even though they're all in different schools now.

Click the pic above to see pics of Colt's swim lessons and a few of us at the Splash Water Adventure Park in Birmingham.

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