First T-Ball Game!

2013.06.14 032.colttball marlinsvscubs

It was Game #1 of the T-Ball season. Colt's team is the "Monday Marlins". We practice each Monday, and over the next 5 weeks we'll have 10 practices and 8 games. That works out to T-Ball 2-3 times a week over the next month! Colt is pretty excited, so we'll roll with it. However, so far he's not a big fan of the slow pace of play and the fact that most times when he's in the field, the ball isn't hit to him. You'll notice in the pics he's got his head down - that's the frustration of a grounder to 1st base when he's playing 3rd!

We're just getting started with T-Ball, so we're excited to see what happens over the next month. Click the pic above to see the pics from Colt's first T-Ball game!

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