Colt: T-Ball - Marlins vs. Reds

2013.06.21 010.colttballmarlinsvsreds

T-Ball is now in full swing. Colt's played in 2 games so far, with the latest against the Reds. He's enjoyed it so far, but one major source of frustration has been fielding. It seems the batters refuse to consistently hit it in Colt's direction. If he's playing 3rd base, they hit it 1st. If he's playing 1st, they hit it to 3rd. This of course results in burying his face in his glove and ultimately all-out lying face-down on the ground in frustration.

We're still having fun and have several games to go. So hopefully he will still get his fair share of fielding in. Click the pic above to see our pics from the Marlins vs. the Reds.

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