T-Ball - That's a Wrap!


Colt's first T-Ball season came to an end last week.  With all the rain this past month, it seemed like the majority of his games were rained out and had to be rescheduled, but somehow we managed to get a full season in.  Colt really enjoyed it.  His favorite parts were playing pitcher (95% of balls are hit directly back to the pitcher) and batting "cleanup".  In T-Ball, everyone on the team bats in an inning, and with the final batter they unload the bases....Colt likes hitting last so he can hit the big home run each time!  (Big surprise, eh?)

He really did a great job with T-Ball and we saw a lot of improvement from the first game to the last.  He went from mostly hitting the tee itself to hitting pretty good drives by the end of the season.  Soccer's back up next, which I believe starts in September.  

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