BUSA Soccer, October 2013

2013.10.14 021.coltbusasoccer

Colt's continuing to dominate his soccer league and he's having lots of fun doing it.  He's become very competitive and definitely has a nose for the goal, so we've been working with him on his passing skills and helping others to score.  Notice in the highlight video below, at about the halfway part you can see him slowing down to look for teammates to pass to - it blew up a few scoring opportunities where he would have scored, but we were happy to see him looking to dish the ball to teammates.  He was also happy about it - we set that as something he needed to do in the second half of the game and he earned accollades from both his coach and Dad.  There may have been an ice cream bribe involved as well.

Check out the highlight video below and then click the pic to see the game pictures!


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