BUSA Soccer - Spring 2014

2014.04.27 001.coltbusasoccer

It's wrap on the Spring 2014 soccer season.  Colt is turning into an incredible soccer player - he is such a natural.  I would take credit for the genetic excellence, but the kid is already better than Dad.  For each game he would set a goal quota, which was usually 10.  He felt like he needed to hit his quota before making helping his teammates score a priority.  It was tough to argue with his logic as he would get his 10 goals and then try really hard to help others on his team score goals.  We would still try to sit him for 1-2 quarters to give the other kids a chance to score - he was that dominant.  The list of things I enjoy more than watching Colt play soccer is very short.  Here are a few clips of him playing.  


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