BUSA Soccer - Fall 2014

2014.09.21 001.coltbusa

Colt just wrapped up his first season of U5 Soccer and he continues to lead the pack. He loves playing soccer, and also really likes watching it on TV as long as his favorites are playing: Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore from the USA or Lionel Messi from Argentina. It's exciting that at 5 he's already picked out his favorite players and is pretending to be them in the backyard when kicking the ball around. I'm not sure why he chooses to emulate these world renowned soccer players over his Dad, who plays local adult league soccer, but if it means a soccer scholarship down the road, so be it! The kid loves soccer and loves it when you guys come to watch him play. Click the pic above to see a few shots from his U5 season.

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