Colt's Superhero Story

Colt recently received some high praise from his kindergarten teacher on a story he wrote in class.  In an email, she said "I am very impressed with Colt's writing ability.  He wrote one of the best stories I have ever read by a kindergartener."  Here is the story. 

2016.01.21 002.ColtStory001tn

Once upon a time, a farmer was riding his tractor when a monster came. It tried to kill him but a superhero came to rescue him.

2016.01.21 003.ColtStory001tn

The superhero was Super Man.  He threw the villain....

2016.01.21 004.ColtStory001tn

into space.  The villain was very far away from Earth but the villian...

2016.01.21 005.ColtStorytn

got rescued from another villian.  He had other villians.  They plan to...

2016.01.21 006.ColtStorytn

to invade Earth.  They were friends because they were brothers.  To be continued......

2016.01.21 007.ColtStorytn

Years later They invaded Earth but the Power Rangers stopped them.

2016.01.21 008.ColtStorytn

Them had dynomite. They had a secret base.  They had ???

2016.01.21 009.ColtStorytn

They had colors which were red, blue, purple, black, yellow, pink, and green.They had something in common. They are great friends.

The End. It is to be continued....




0 #1 Aunt Steph 2016-03-25 01:41
Great writing, Colt! I would love to read more of your stories!

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