Dinner Time, Take One!

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On Monday night, Stan and I decided we were going to give Colt his first taste of food. We got everything ready, the video camera, the camera, the bib, the spoon, and the highchair. We sat Colt into his new seat and I began to prepare some avocado which I had chosen to be his "first food" in lieu of rice cereal or oatmeal. Well, maybe I have never picked an avocado out at the grocery store but the one I had chosen was just not exactly right. When I cut it in half it took my entire body pressure to get the knife through it. I thought this was odd. I think began to "scoop" out the inside which was hard as a rock. I was perplexed. I got a fork to it and ended up with maybe a teaspoon of avocado that I thought might work. I put it in a little bowl and tried to mix it with some b-milk. It would not mix. It was just hard avocado chunks and b-milk. We aborted that plan and went with some baby oatmeal. The directions said mix 1tbs oatmeal with 5tbs b-milk or formula. As I poured 1 and then 2 tablespoons of b-milk in with the oatmeal I realized 5tbs was going to be WAY to much and the oatmeal was going to be really runny. I stopped at 2tbs and we then were ready. By this time, Colt had been sitting in his new chair for about 15 min and starting to get antsy. Click the picture above or THIS LINK and you can see Colt go from "happy-go-lucky" Colt to "GET THIS OATMEAL OUT OF MY FACE" Colt. It is/was quite humorous. We gave up after about 5 spoonfuls just spilled directly out of his mouth and onto his bib. Maybe we will try again tonight.

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