Dinner Time, Take Two

2010.03.07 13.dinnertimetake2

Since round one did not go over very well, we decided to take the advice of a few other more "seasoned" parents and add a bite of banana into Colt''s oatmeal for round two. Surprisingly, a 1/2" slice of banana goes a long way in Colts book! He LOVED it! He was flapping his arms around (which these days means he is excited) and licking his lips for more! We have not been very regular on giving Colt real food yet, mostly because I still am planning to make our baby food at home and I haven''t gotten the chance to round up all of my supplies just yet. I am contemplating whether I should buy a food processor (which lets be honest, I don''t think I would really use that much other than making baby food) or just use my blender. Any advice? I also need ice cube trays with lids for freezing individual servings, freezer bags for storage, and something to transport food to daycare. I''ve found lots of good ideas and recipes at wholesomebabyfood.com which I hope to use in the near future. Click HEREor the above picture of Colt to see a few shots from his second, and much more successful meal of oatmeal with banana.

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