Baby Food Frenzy!

2010.03.20 10.greenbeanscarrots.jpg

Well, the first round of homemade baby food has gone quite well. So far I have made sweet potatoes, green beans, and carrots. Colt has liked all 3, I think. I''ve also given him banana and avocado mixed with oatmeal. I''m not sure if I was expecting pure excitement or what, but Colt seems to be pretty indifferent to the foods so far. He eats them, and laughs when we make him laugh but other than that I think he could take it or leave it. I think the carrots are his favorite which is surprising because Stan and I both HATE carrots! 

They say at daycare he eats really well.....I also think they are mixing apple sauce into everything which I''m sure tastes alot better than plain green beans...maybe Stan and I just need to learn the ropes. Click the above picture and take a look at his first green beans and carrots!

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