Four Eyes Are Better Than Two!

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After our second opinion at UAB Callahan Eye Foundation Dr. Ann Marie Arciniegas gave us the same diagnosis as Dr. Metz a few weeks ago, only in a much nicer tone. Colt does in fact need glasses but she didn''t give us the "death sentence" that Dr. Metz did. Basically, Colt has Refractive Amblyopia which means there is a difference in his two eyes: both are farsighted but one is much MORE farsighted than the other. If untreated, the brain learns to use only the "good" eye and the "bad" eye thus becomes lazy. It is very hard to teach the brain to use a lazy eye and thankfully Colt has no symptoms of this and we caught it early. The glasses help to even out the eyes in hopes that the brain learns to use them both equally.

Dr. Arciniegas says that ALL babies are farsighted and that about 80% of them grow out of the condition and never have an issue. She is unsure if Colt''s eyes will continue to develop differently or if they will even out with time. Either way, she says by the age 8 or 9 kids grow out of the risk of one eye becoming lazy so at that point if Colt hasnt grown out of it on his own we can then choose to keep him in glasses, or let him go without, or even wear contacts.

We are so glad we went for the second opinion even though the end results were the same. Dr. Arciniegas was very sweet and explained things very well to two confused parents who NEVER thought their perfect angel had any sort of problems! We picked up Colt''s glasses on Friday and he looks super cute. It could be a whole lot worse and he is doing great at keeping them on!

See the pictures we took yesterday at the Blues and BBQ festival at Tannehill State Park and then a few shots this morning after church.

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