Colt Meets his Great Grandma Kelley

2010.06.19 004.memphisvisit

This past weekend we headed up to Memphis, Tennessee - home of Elvis, my Dad, Beverly, and my Grandma Kelley. I have such great memories of my Grandma growing up.....visiting my Grandparents in Nashville was always one of the highlights of my summer. As all of you know, my Grandmother also lived with me after I graduated from Auburn in my very first home in Homewood. I will always treasure the time we spent together there (about 2 years) eating ice cream, swinging on the front porch, and walking her across the street to have Ms. Dot do her hair every Saturday! Anyway, it was really important to me that Colt meet her, as she is his only living GREAT Grandparent! I think its very cool. I remember my Great Grandmother Keef and I hope that Colt will be able to make some memories of his own with his Great Grandmother. She seemed to really enjoy Colt, although she kept calling him a "she". Stan made me promise never to dress Colt in red and white gingham again. Maybe it looks like pink at first glance?

As you can see, Colt had a big time playing with all his Grandpa, sitting in his "new" (read: stolen from good-will and refurbished by Dad and Bev) highchair and tasting his first Milky Way cake! 

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