My Friend Hit Me With a Block

2010.07.08 01.accidentreport

This afternoon we were presented with Colt''s first "Accident Report" when we picked him up from daycare. He''s been transitioning from the infant class at daycare to the "Creeper Class" - that''s the next class up at daycare with the crawlers.

Colt was enjoying play time when he got hit in the head with a building block by one of the other kids. This resulted in the patented 15 seconds of bewilderment followed by screaming. A little TLC, and apparently an ice pack, did the trick and he''s back to normal, with the exception of a little bitty bump on his head. He''s scurrying around now and trying to pull himself up on everything, so we''re getting used to our little bumps and bruises. We got a kick out of the "accident report" and hope you will too.

Hope you didn''t blink, because Colt is NINE months old tomorrow. We''ll have our monthly photoshoot pics posted sometime this weekend.

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