Sneak Peak

2013.02.08 004.4dultrasound

Susan and I went in last week for the 4D Ultrasound, giving us our first look at what we can expect Number Two to look like. The baby was facing backwards - Of Course! Susan was also scheduled for a sugar test that morning, so they told us to come back after the test; maybe the sugar would get the baby moving around; otherwise we'd have to reschedule.

So an hour later, after the test, they try again. This time we were at least able to get a peek. His/her face was partially blocked most of the time by the cord and feet. Look closely in the pic above and you can see a foot on the right side of the image. We'll go back in a couple weeks to try again - maybe that time we'll get some better shots, but we are still pretty excited about the pics we did get. this the face of a boy or girl??? 

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