Dog Days of Summer

2010.08.01 007.bhamzoo

It''s been HOT lately - so we''ve embraced the heat, not by taking advantage of our pool membership but by going to the Zoo. We''ve been at least once a weekend for the last few weeks. We took out a membership, so we do get free admission, but each trip has brought unique and rewarding experiences. It''s something different every time, which is what keeps us going back.

The last 2 trips Colt had several first experiences. He had his first train ride - which he LOVED. I wish we had gotten his reaction on video. He was shrieking and jumping up and down. It was awesome. We did get some pics of it.

Colt also had his first carousel ride. That we did get on video, but it wasn''t nearly the reaction the train got. He did have a great time on the carousel also.

As you may know, Colt''s favorite animals at the zoo are the flamingos. They are brightly colored and you can get up close and personal with them. They also make loud bird noises, which he likes. Last week, we discovered you can feed them by hand. Colt can''t quite hold the food for them, but he enjoyed watching Mom & Dad feed them.

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