When Goats Attack!

2011.01.30 023.oakmtnpettingzoo

On Sunday, we took the short drive to Oak Mountain State Park to check out the petting zoo. It was our first time there, and it was awesome! They had lots of animals: goats, sheeps, ducks, pigs, donkeys that were free to walk about. Colt LOVED it. We spent a few quarters on some food, and took turns feeding the goats and other animals. Everything was great - until the animals turned on us! One goat (pictured above) came around the corner. Colt spotted him and walked over. Well, this goat knew the likes of Colt, and wanted none of it. He walked straight up to Colt and delivered a head butt! Susan captured the moment beautifully! As bad as it sounds, it was really hilarious. Colt hit the ground seconds after and started to cry - for about 8 seconds until his attention was diverted.

The goat warmed up to Colt once we had some corn to share, and the two soon became friends. The same can''t be said for Dad and one of the donkeys, who didn''t take kindly to Dad leaning against his fence without paying the proper toll. The donkey walked up from behind and chomped on my hand! It gave me a little bruise, but that was the extent. Unlike the goat, that donkey didn''t get any food. We remain enemies. :-)

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