Spring 2011

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This past weekend brought a blast of spring weather with temps in the 80's, and it''s the first weekend since I had my appendectomy over a month ago that I was able to do a whole lot. We took advantage of it, kicking the weekend off a day early with a trip to Inverness Park. Many of you will remember it from Colt''s birthday party. We had lots of fun but Colt took a sudden and odd fear of the slide - but he was fine as long as Daddy went with him. Both Dad and Colt had lots of fun on the playground, so much fun that Daddy had to take a few extra Tylenols. (Hopefully, my surgeon doesn''t read our blog and won''t ever know I was playing on playground equipment - still have 1 more visit scheduled for next week!)

On Saturday, we started the day off right with a trip to the donut shop. Colt had a vanilla iced donut with sprinkles - he enjoyed it, but he''s still not the biggest fan of sweets. After breakfast, we grabbed a quick lunch at Mamma Goldberg''s before heading to Vulcan Park. They were having their annual Vulcan Crawl, an event where they have live music and crafts. Colt had a good time listening to the music, coloring at the craft center, but most of all he enjoyed hijacking Dad''s sweet tea. Colt may not have a sweet tooth, but he''s all about some sweet tea.

On Sunday, we drove down to Montgomery to see our nephew, Sawyer, be baptised. It was a special day for my sister, Susan, and her husband, Morgan, as well as our whole family.

Click the pic above to see pics from the weekend. Now that I''m up and about....and there''s actually stuff to do around Birmingham with some warm weather returning, we should be a lot more active with our updates. See you next time!

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