Weekend Wrapup

2011.04.02 018.stadiumfest

What a great weekend we had!  On Friday, we started off the weekend with some burgers from Johnny Rocket''s and a trip to the mall.  Somehow we ended up taking a picture at Johnny Rocket''s.  We don''t get to take many family pictures, so it made the cut!  On Saturday, we started the day with swim lessons for Colt.  He does great in the water, but like everything else, has his own idea about what he should be doing during the lessons and doesn''t pay too much attention to the program.

After swim lessons, we went to Stadium Fest over at Spain Park High School.  Stadium Fest is a Christian oriented festival sponsored by the Rick and Bubba show - it was PACKED.  There was all kinds of entertainment, plenty of music, speakers, etc., but Colt was most interested in the bouncy house.  They let 10 kids in at a time and let them play for 5 minutes.  So for the next hour, it was: Wait in line.  Let Colt play.  Pull Colt from the bounce house.  Repeat.

On Sunday, we finally made it official and joined Oak Mountain Church.  After church, we took advantage of the beautiful day (sunny and 80 degrees) and headed to the Birmingham Zoo.  They just opened the Trails of Africa exhibit which showcases the zoo''s 2 new elephants.   They spent most of last year building the exhibit, and it''s very nice!  Colt enjoyed the zoo so much more this time around.  It''s the first time I''ve been there with him since last summer and he seemed to get into it a lot more.  He''s recognizing most of the animals and telling you the sounds they make.  Lots of fun.

Colt was so worn out after the zoo that he slept through our trip to the yogurt bar.  Don''t worry though, Mom & Dad ate enough for all 3 of us. 

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