Auburn A-Day 2011

2011.04.16 032.aday

Colt, Susan, Susan, Sawyer, and I joined 53,000 other people to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon on the plains for Auburn''s A-Day spring scrimmage. Colt had an awesome time, other than the few minutes he got stuck in the bleachers where Mom and Dad somehow had the idea he''d be interested in watching some football game. He mostly enjoyed running around the tailgate, playing football, chasing the dog, and eating cookies. After the game, we met Grandmommy in Montgomery for a nice dinner. Colt and Sawyer had some bonding time during dinner and shared a few hugs. Colt was so well behaved he even scored some new Sesame Street books from Grandmommy before heading home. Unfortunately, Colt didn''t last for story time - he was too tuckered out, so we''ll read them tomorrow. Click the pic above to see all our pics!

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