Birthday, Barons, Marching & Art Weekend

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This past weekend we decided to celebrate Stan''s birthday by heading out to the Hoover Met and seeing the Birmingham Barons play. Colt was really into the game for a little while.......until he spotted the bounce house. The kid is obsessed. We paid our $1 and Colt could have bounced ALL NIGHT LONG. In fact, he made a huge scene when we made him leave the bounce house that had a slide.

Saturday we all woke up early and headed to the March of Dimes Walk for Babies downtown. The walk was about 4.5 miles through downtown Birmingham. Afterwards there was food and yet again, a bounce house for Colt! Immediately following the walk, we decided to head back towards our house and attend the annual "Hoover Day" celebration. It was actually much bigger than we were expecting and had some really neat things for the family. Colt once again got to play in a several bounce houses while we were there. At one point he decided he really needed to take off his socks. This was fine until he stepped into part of the HOT plastic that had been sitting out in the sun all day and burned his feet!!! Poor kid couldn''t understand why his feet were on FIRE and mom and dad were watching helplessly from outside. We tried calling his name to come to us so we could put his socks back on but all he could do was just stand there!! We finally convinced him to come to us, we then put his socks back on and he jumped at least another 30 minutes.

Saturday night Stephen, Susan, Hill & Hayes came in town and we went to another Barons game. We all really enjoyed catching up and Colt loved playing with Hill and Hayes.

After church Sunday we decided to check out the Birmingham Art Connection going on downtown. Yet another really fun event. Colt loved all the music and almost went onstage with the Latin dancers. Whoops. All in all, a perfect weekend.

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