Down On the Farm

2011.08.13 001.mayberryfarm

Last weekend, our friends The Mayberry's, who we've been tailgating with at Auburn games for years and years, invited us down to their family farm outside Demopolis. It was Colt's first time on a farm, and he LOVED it. Scott and his boys were also there, so it was a great opportunity for Colt to spend some time with his cousins and enjoy the great outdoors.

We spent a lot of time driving around the property in the Rangers (think 4 wheel drive golf carts). We saw lots of cows - Colt's seen cows before but never so many, and never so up close. He loved it! We also saw lots of deer and even came up on a bedded down fawn that Colt and I got within a few feet of before it jumped up and sprinted off. Colt was very impressed!

We also spent some time fishing, which was great fun. Unfortunately, Dad couldn't produce any fish before Colt's interest ran out, so it was back to the Ranger to get the baseball bat. What did hold his attention was the big tractor on the farm. Colt loved climbing on it and pretending to drive. Mr. Jim even fired up the engine to take Colt for a ride in it - but Colt wasn't at all interested in that LOUD engine!

We all had a great time. Click the pic above to see our pics!

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