Alabama Adventure

2011.09.11 043.alabamaadventures

On Sunday we went to Alabama Adventures (Birmingham's version of Six Flags). We already know Colt LOVES the amusement park, and he LOVES water parks. Alabama Adventures is a combination of both, so we knew it was going to be a great day.

Colt was a little freaked out at first, so we started slow with the baby slides. He soon worked his way up to the FAST big boy slides - there was even one that was a tunnel that he LOVED! He wasn't quite big enough (i.e. Mom and Dad weren't brave enough) to let him ride the big boy slides on his own, so he went in our lap for those. But he did go down one of the kiddie slides by himself - over and over again. Colt would slide down, splash into the pool at the bottom, and immediately say, "More, Dad!". Then he'd run back up to the top and slide down again. He probably did this 25 times.

Click the pic above to check out some pics of Colt going down all the slides!

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