Blount County Fair

2011.09.17 006 blountcountyfair

We are really behind on blogging lately, seems like we have been busy but I honestly can't tell you what we have been doing! We DID however take a trip up to Blount County for their fair a few weekends ago. It was surprisingly REALLY fun. We were kind of upset about it being $12/each to get in but realized really quickly that $12 let you ride EVERY RIDE THERE!!!!!!!! Literally, there was no height requirement, and Colt could have walked up and gone on any ride there (if we would have let him). I absolutely love these pictures for some reason..........especially the ones of Colt screaming, they crack me up and tell a true story. Its not all rides and games with a 2 year old!! HAHA! We love you "Tote"!!!!

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