Auburn HomeRun Derby 2011

2011.10.28 015.auhrderby

When we heard current Atlanta Braves pitcher and former Auburn standout Tim Hudson was sponsoring a charity HomeRun Derby at Auburn, we knew we had to take Colt. We told him about a week ahead of time that we were going to the "Auburn Baseball Game" on Friday, and he was excited about it ALL week. He mentioned it every day that week!

Once we got to Plainsman Park, he quickly had enough of Tiger baseball and wanted to "walk around" most of the time. He did have a really fun time and scored a new Auburn baseball bat - which replaced his beloved "Indy Ball Bat"/ "Black Bat" we bought him when we saw the Indianapolis Indians minor league team play back in September. He now sleeps with his "War Eagle Bat"!

Most of all though he liked suiting up in his baseball uniform and putting on his "baseball eyes". Click the pic to see the pics from the HR Derby!

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