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2012.02.05 010.invernesspark

We've had some pretty days recently and while we're still waiting for it to warm up a little more, wanted to show you some of the things Colt enjoys most. One of our favorite spots is TreeTop - it's a family fun center with lots of games, playhouses, bounce houses, go carts, mini-golf, etc. Since it's cold, we've been becoming experts of the inside games. Some of Colt's favorites: PopCorn - where you control a bucket and catch ping pong balls coming out of a pop-corn popper. Feed the Bulldog - Colt presses a button to bounce balls into a bulldog's hungry mouth. Motorcycle games - he needs some help on these, but he loves riding the arcade motorcycles. They also have a multi-story play house for kids, which he REALLY loves but for some reason we don't have any pictures of it.

He's also becoming an expert on all the park's have to offer. He's getting big enough that he can make it through all of the tunnels, ladders, and slides that before he was just a little too small to make it. We're lucky to have 2 great parks close by!

Click the pic above to see the pics!

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