First Catch!

2012.04.14 028.mayberryspringfling

On Saturday, we visited the Running M Farm, owned by our friends The Mayberry's, who we've tailgated at Auburn games with for years. Each year, they hold a Spring Fling fishing tournament. This was our first year to go, giving Colt an excellent opportunity to try out his new Spiderman fishing pole the Easter Bunny delivered just a few weeks ago.

Colt loves the outdoors, and was super excited to be going fishing. We talked with him about leading up to Saturday, and his first words after waking up were, "Mom, we going fishing??". Running M Farm is outside Livingston, and is a couple hour drive for us. Colt has adopted his own version of "Are we there yet?" as he asked at each exit, stop for gas, stop light, etc., "We here?".

Once we finally made it pond-side, Colt was pumped up to bait his hook and drop it in the water. And immediately reel it in. I'm sure the fish had never seen a worm move so fast! He finally settled in (read as became more interested in playing in the dirt) and did some real fishin'. Not long after, we had a bite! We were shooting for an easy catch of a little brim, but ended up scoring a bass. Not bad for a first catch with a Spiderman pole!

Click the pic above to see our pics!

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