A Day with Thomas the Train

2012.04.22 001.thomasdayout

The Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum in Calera, had "A Day Out With Thomas" last week. We went online and bought tickets to go see Thomas, who was an indeed actual train. After paying for tickets to ride the train, Dad thought back to how the victims of the train robberies of the Wild West must have felt, but quickly got over it as we enjoyed the activities of the day. Colt particularly enjoyed the 9 holes of mini-golf, as he strategically bypassed the obstacles of the course - he simply placed his ball beyond them. (Why didn't Dad think of that?!) He also particularly enjoyed the music, as a "live band" was playing the classics - "The Wheels on the Bus", "I've Been Working On the Railroad", and many more. Colt joined in for a few sets and played the drums and shakers - he had a great time! All in all, a fun day. Click the pic above to see our pics!

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