Alabaster CityFest / Blues & BBQ Festival 2013

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The annual Alabaster CityFest and Bob Sykes' Blues & BBQ Festival rolled around again this year - they were both on the same day, so we decided to hit Alabaster during the day followed by some good Blues & BBQ that evening.  The Alabaster CityFest is a great event: it's free to the public and they bring in all kinds of bounce houses, entertainment acts, and other fun activities.  The highlight of the day for Colt no doubt was the bounce houses.  I'm sure you are aware, he is a huge fan of them.  For Dad, the highlight was without a doubt the dunk booth.  

With Colt starting T-Ball this summer and Dad's obsession with watching the Braves, baseball's been a bit of a focal point in the Stabler household lately.  So Colt jumped at the chance to do anything involving throwing a baseball.  So we paid a couple bucks to give Colt a shot at throwing the baseball and trying to dunk the guy.  It was all older kids in line, who ALL got heckled.  With Colt being so young, I didn't really think there'd be any heckling involved when his turn came.  But Colt had an Auburn hat on.  Turns out the guy in the booth was a Bama fan. (Imagine that!)  

Colt had 3 balls to throw.  The first one missed. Badly.  So it started: "Tell yer Momma to buy you a new hat!"  Another throw. Another miss.  "Betcha could hit it if you had the right hat on!"  Now down to his last ball, someone told him to turn his hat around and take a step closer.  Last throw.  Colt winds up - Direct hit!! The bell rang and the heckler dropped into water.  Dad was pumped and you could tell Colt was pretty happy with himself - though he was oblivious to the rivalry implications.  All in all, awesome moment.

After wrapping up with the CityFest activites, we headed to Bessemer for the Blues & BBQ Festival.  Unfortunately, so were a line of thunderstorms.  We spread out our lawn chairs and heard maybe one song before the thunder and lightning arrived, which prompted a delay in the festivities.  We took shelter at a picnic table underneath a gazebo for the next 2 hours, where we were able to get a BBQ plate and watch the thunder/rain come down.  I ended up being wrong about the highlight of my day: the dunking of the Tide fan was great, but the QT with the family in the gazebo turned out to be the real highlight of the day.

Click the pic above to see our pics! They're mostly from CityFest - once the rains came we stashed the camera.


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